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Workflow Automation Software That Works

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Oct 19, 2013 2:17:03 PM



Workflow Automation Software Workflow Automation Software That Works


All of the best workflow automation software processes have the same things in common.  The best BPM projects combine the strengths of all the organization together into one solid team.  Sure that is obvious.  And then how many times have we all been associated with projects where two departments - say the Information Technology and Accounting departments are not able to communicate let alone decide on critical project objectives.

It is not that these groups can not work together, it is usually they each have a specific domain expertise that the other lacks.  The trick is to convince the team that everybody on the team has value when designing the workflow automation process.

We all use processes within our daily lives and organizations or domains are no different.  By example here are some thoughts on different types of business processes that are great places for workflow automation software.

  • Process when a new employee joins the company, have the new employee complete paperwork, order a laptop, find office space.  This process involve resources, forms, tasks and time.
  • Process of hiring an individual involves, publishing a job description, interviewing a candidates, run background checks, make job offers

cDevWorkflow helps you automate any process by giving you a graphical designer with a toolbox of 30+ steps to define any process graphically.  If you do not find a particular step, no problem, the tool box can be customized easily using c# or vb.net.

Steps when using cDevWorkflow BPM tool for workflow automation software:

  • Make a bullet point list of everything that happens in your process
  • Define a set of input variables that you would like to pass in to the process
  • Start defining the process using the cDevWorkflow graphical designer

Let’s say you had a Change Notice application, here are the steps for the workflow process

  • Change Notice gets created
  • Change Notice gets submitted
  • Change Notice gets reviewed by document control
  • Change Notice is sent to approvers for approval
  • Change Notice is either approved or rejected
  • Change Notice is closed

Change Notice input variables:

  • Change Notice Number

Here is what the process will look like within the cDevWorkflow designer:


Workflow Automation Software Workflow Automation Software


A small sampling of the Workflow Technology for BPM Solutions contained within our cDevWorkflow product offering can be found here: Workflow Technology That Works.

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