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Quantitative Workflow Analysis Tools

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on May 10, 2013 6:05:34 AM



Workflow Analysis Tools workflow instance quantitative analysis Workflow Analysis Tools Enforce Accountability


When the project has moved from a concept on a scrap of paper to a funded project with an implementation plan, everyone associated with the project believes it will succeed.   Not until the project has been completed do we ever really know if our original concept was correct.   And even if the project successfully delivered the original concept on time and under budget, did this effort improve the companies competitive position?  When all is said and done, did this project create an asset or a liability for the company and its employees?

Accountability. This is a hard fact of corporate life that we all have to face.  In the world of Business Process Management (BPM), exactly how will we know if the solution we provided delivered what the customer needed.  Here at cDevWorkflow we have found that the answer to accountability is Workflow Instance Quantitative Analysis.

Quantitative Workflow Analysis is a means to determine if the BPM solution is performing as intended or not.  cDevWorkflow has been implemented and utilized all over the world within many challenging domains and applications.   Our embeddable BPM engine is ideal for a wide variety of uses ranging from customers who use the product as is to customers who build their applications on top of the product.

Regardless of how large and complex the process is or how colorful the graphics are, at some point the end user must be able to complete a workflow instance from start to finish. Either the workflow works or it does not. There is no middle ground.


Workflow Analysis Workflow Analysis


The accountability of Workflow Instance Quantitative Analysis is summed up with this simple equation:

Is the workflow functioning at 100% efficiency or not?


Workflow Analysis Formula Workflow Analysis Formula



We continue to be impressed with your creativeness and skill at implementing our BPM engine.  Yesterday, when we asked for this type of Workflow Analysis, our customer replied “oh yes, it ran 2500 times successfully”.   This is how we define our workflow engine's Accountability.

Below is an interesting graph of a cDevWorkflow production server from one of our clients.  This graph shows the number of Workflow instances been processed by the engine through a time period.  The graph scale details month to month execution numbers.  The spike of data at February 2013 details over 700 instances, in total the workflow has successfully processed 10,937 instances and counting.

Overtime we hope to pull some statistics from our customer who run cDevWorkflow on a distributed environment that process over 1000s of instances/day.  There are some amazing processes powered by cDevWorkflow out there, we hope to power a lot more processes over the coming months in many other countries.

Quantitative Workflow Analysis


Workflow Analysis Workflow Instance Executions Graph Workflow Analysis Workflow Instance Executions Graph



A small sampling of the Workflow Technology for BPM Solutions contained within our cDevWorkflow product offering can be found here: Workflow Technology That Works.

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