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10 Advantages Over Windows Workflow

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Nov 18, 2014 9:36:23 AM



windows workflow 10 Advantages Over Windows Workflow


Reason #1  We have a Workflow Designer! - Windows Workflow does not have a web-based graphical workflow designer - but FlowWright does!  Only way to design a workflow in WWF is to install and use Microsoft Visual Studio to do the work - making understanding and maintaining workflows of any real complexity much more difficult (or maybe impossible) than it needs to be.

Reason #2  See the Graphical Representation of your Executing Workflow!  The best way to monitor and optimize your processes is to see them build graphically in real-time or as completed instances.  FlowWright offers “full view”, “sequential view”, and “execution only” view of executing workflows.  Windows Workflow does not offer any of this functionality.

Reason #3  See Workflow Execution Details! In contrast to Windows Workflow, FlowWright provides full details of every workflow step’s execution:  when the step started, stopped, what values were returned, step properties, and most importantly the state of enterprise variables at the point of execution.

Reason #4  Our Workflow Service! FlowWright offers a high performance fully distributed workflow service.  Run BPM on 1 machine or 4 machines to distribute the load!  cDevWorkfow also provides fail-over support that permits backup servers to take over processing if the master server goes down. Windows Workflow does not offer this critical functionality.

Reason #5  Business Intelligence! FlowWright provides a host of important Business Intelligence tools and APIs that will give visibility into every part of your automated process. Windows Workflow does not produce runtime data on how processes execute, therefore there is no basis for BI reporting and analysis.

Reason #6  Process Changes can Be Made by Subject Matter Experts, too! Business process changes that involve Windows Workflow must be performed by software developers.  Process changes involving FlowWright can be implemented by Business Analyst or Domain experts, as well as by developers.

Reason #7  Central Administration of your Workflows! FlowWright provides an out-of-the-box Configuration Manager that will let administrators:

  • change configuration settings,
  • manage workflow definitions,
  • manage instances,
  • archive data,
  • and more.

Reason #8  FlowWright offers Dynamic Workflow Processing! FlowWright provides the ability to automatically change workflow design at runtime.  Windows Workflow cannot change its design at runtime: all runtime instances will have the same design even if business circumstances require this adaptability.

Windows Workflow provides no tools for central management.

Reason #9  Pre-Processing is a Standard Feature! FlowWright’s smart engine can preprocess workflows in order to automatically optimize execution. Windows Workflow does not offer pre-processing and related optimization.

Reason #10  You can Integrate / Embed FlowWright seamlessly! FlowWright is the only embeddable Workflow product on the market, using our 3 step process, embed FlowWright into any product.

Once integrated into your product FlowWright can be used easily by developers and subject matter experts alike!  Contact us today about using FlowWright for your products and projects!

A small sampling of the Workflow Technology for BPM Solutions contained within our FlowWright product offering can be found here: Workflow Technology That Works.

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