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Why Automation Is A Key Part Of Innovation...

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jan 8, 2019 1:58:48 PM

It always amazes us to learn how and what our customers have automated using our workflow product.  Some processes can be pretty complex, some are simpler but long running, and some processes produce a lot workflow instances per hour/day. The use cases are vast and varied. 

Many customers have extended our workflow automation product by creating custom steps, business objects, event handlers and etc.  The FlowWright engine is able to run/execute whatever process you design, no matter how complex it may seem. 

The questions remains: what are these customers doing now that they haven't done before? They are using workflow automation to innovate the way they conduct their day to day business.  Innovation in technology typically takes many transformations, but automation of processes is a key part of innovation.  Whether its workflow driving IoT, processing drug prescriptions, processing 1000's of tasks around the world, that automation is driving innovation for your business. 

We are able to see this first hand with the Sawtooth IoT Automation for Dairy Farmers.  Our developers built custom steps to communicate with an Universal distributed controller (UDC) and the business analyst was then able to use these custom steps to process ingredients using the hardware solution.  Workflow was built by non-technical engineers and even today modifications to the workflow is done by the business analyst, not a developer.  At the end of the day, Sawtooth Automation creates feed for dairy cows entirely through automation using FlowWright IoT services with a RF connected UDC.  This is an ongoing amazing project to see first hand, but it's also impressive to see the execution of dairy feed recipes using workflow technology.

Another great example of automation innovation is manufacturing plant shutdowns around the world using workflow automation.  Without our software platform, the client would have had to use either MS Project or Excel. Instead, they were able to use FlowWright to automate plant shutdowns and this not only sped up the planning and execution, but also allowed for data to be computed in real-time with accurate reporting. 

Above are just 3 of the examples of how automation helps innovation and sheds light into the experience that our customers are giving to their company and vendor partners.  

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