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Why FlowWright workflow is not open source workflow?

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jan 31, 2019 2:49:33 PM

Our customers are all over the globe ranging in size from mid-market to Enterprise. Majority of our customers prefer to run FlowWright within their environments, so we took a look at why that might be and explain below.

The rise of data breaches within organizations has caused an increased focus and need for companies to be very careful about their data and the data used by their automated processes.  Automated processes integrate and communicate with many internal systems and use data for decision making.  For all companies data is important and private and the last thing that a CTO wants to hear is that someone outside of their organization has access to secure data. 

From the beginning, the decision was made to make FlowWright not open source.  We made this decision based on # of factors, but the main reasons concern:

  • Customer's data security
  • Software piracy

When you are investing in a workflow automation platform you need to feel secure when buying that software.  This can only happen if you know how the software is built and who has access to the source code.  If someone has access to your source code, it becomes very easy to hack the software, and therefore your company data. 

We firmly believe in developer collaboration when it comes to source code, but given software piracy needs, we don't provide our source code to the world for free.  Sometimes our customers do ask for source code for certain needs and we are happy to share the source code for them and collaborate on their projects; but it is done in a controlled manner.  On the converse, our customers have reciprocated with source code for custom steps they have built, an example being the FTP steps within the product. 

Our number one concern is security for our customers data.  There are many open source software options out there, we love them and use them when necessary, but our software is not open source strictly to preserve the security of important information.

If you have security concerns, you should consider hiring a third party organizations to perform security testing. For us, being open source would be not an option for our customers.

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