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Why Aren't My Sales People Following the Sales Process?

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Oct 6, 2017 11:44:43 AM

The problem: A company invested in extensive sales training, but the sales reps did not follow the new sales process! Because they weren't following the process, the company was not meeting its goals: deals were not being discovered and closed, and what what closing was too small to fuel growth.  What can an organization do to ensure sales people follow its sales process and achieve desired  revenue?

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This is a common problem! A sales process may include 20 different steps with multiple inter-dependencies.   Who can reliably remember to account for all the complexities, and who wants to look at the sales bible at every step? So, why not automate?

What would be automated and how can it help? The customer above managed all their accounts/opportunities within SugarCRM. Using SugarCRM web hooks, every time an opportunity is created in SugarCRM then a workflow instance is automatically launched in FlowWright that guides the sales person (person who created the opportunity within SugarCRM) through the defined sales process that management outlined. Sales people are assigned tasks such as "Did you send the champion letter for Opportunity-IST002?". When the the sales person completes the task, the workflow is able to tell the rep what to do next for that opportunity. With each workflow processed instance,  reps are able to notify different users, such as VP of sales and management, automatically and also change the milestone in SugarCRM for that opportunity.

What's in it for management to move to this type of automated sales process support? Since workflows are automatically updating the milestones for each opportunity, management is able to get a real time view of the sales pipeline without bothering the reps with extra reporting up materials. 

What is in it for an organization to adopt this process?  The process becomes standardized and simplified from an execution perspective:

  • Stress around decision making and reporting disappears, 
  • SugarCRM is updated instantly with the latest information,
  • Sales people are now following the process that management has invested in
  • FlowWright is the sales process Guide - resulting in less work and more successful sales managers and sales people

Want to hear more on how your company can benefit from sales process automation? LET's TALK!

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Topics: BPA/BPM, Workflow Automation Software, CRM integration, sales enablement