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Why all workflow products are not created equal ==

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Feb 19, 2019 11:09:21 AM

If you are looking for workflow automation solutions, you know there are many workflow/business process management software platforms out in the market. The workflow/bpm market is divided into two (2) main areas we discuss below:

  • Open source java based
  • Built on Microsoft technologies

Most workflow products on the market does workflow, but not every product provides the following IN ADDITION to workflow:

  • Complex rules processing
  • Graphical rules
  • Dynamic forms
  • Business intelligence
  • Workflow triggers
  • Dashboards
  • Environment synchronization
  • Extendability
  • .Net APIs and REST API's


The above list is critical to long term success with a platform as the organization grows. FlowWright provides all the above features and many more out of the box to help companies ensure they only need to implement a workflow product ONCE in their lifetime.  An example: an older workflow product that doesn't offer value add via it's out of the box tools will sooner or later become a dinosaur compared to modern workflow automation tools. Just over the last couple of years, we've had many customers who were using some of those older "dinosaur-like" products migrate their applications to use ours for the simple fact that it's shelf live is always extending based on increased features and functionality. 

Concerned just workflow won't be powerful enough for your Enterprise corporation?  Enterprise business process automation, at first glance, is big and amazing, but with that also comes a very high price tag. As with anything-you have to ensure for the investment you are making the tool is producing long term. 

With the number of advanced features our development team as incorporated into FlowWright offers, we like to think (and our customers back this up) that we serve a NEW category of workflow.  Why are we so confident? Our tool has no dependencies on other technologies; it does not depend on Windows workflow, its built completely from the ground up using .Net technologies.

If you are looking for cutting edge workflow automation and team collaboration, check out our newly released v9.5 version. Our customer feedback says it all "with every new version of the product, it takes another major leaps forward".  Want to know how we can help your company? Let's Talk! 
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