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What's coming in FlowWright v9.4!

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jan 26, 2018 10:15:47 AM

Our engineering team has been busy building v9.4 of FlowWright. As we listen and follow customer focus development, we are building what our customers want. FlowWright's v9.4 focuses on 3 key areas:

  • New functionality with enhancements & bug fixes
  • Improved user interface changes
  • Even more configuration settings

[SPOILER ALERT] As far as new functionality goes, here are some updates:

  • Globals - just like defining variables, define and use globals. Globals will only track a single value, and will only store a single value. Where variables track the value through every execution iteration. With an increased # of variables, workflow instances tend increase in size and that can impact execution performance. Globals solves this problem, makes your workflow instances very small and makes the FlowWright engine high performance.
  • Triggers - instantiate and execute workflow instances based on File or Email based triggers.
  • Render workflow definition with comments

Improved user interface:

We are always looking to improve the user interface to make the UI simpler and easier to use. We have given a face lift to the toolbar:


We have also improved the UI and performance of the history screen. History for a given user can be very long, now the UI loads a small # of items and keeps loading more as you scroll the page.


Even more configuration settings:

v9.4 will give you greater flexibility within the Workflow designer. You can control how toolbox step categories are arranged, including if you want to show or hide "All Steps" or "Template Steps".

Tabs within the Workflow definitions and instances can be rearranged or hidden for regular users. As we move forward with point releases for v9.4, we will add much more configurable settings for the workflow designer and other parts of the application.

FlowWright v9.4 is definitely a step up, we heard what you want in next release, and we are getting ready to deliver it. v9.4 will be released end of first quarter 2018, beta releases will be available starting mid February to our VIP customers.

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