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Welcome to FlowWright v9.5

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jan 9, 2019 2:17:00 PM

v9.5 has been in development for almost 6 months now and is finally ready to be released to our existing and new customers!  Some of our VIP customers already got a preview of v9.5 through the beta program(if you are interested in being part of our beta program contact us here).  Initial beta feedback and overall acceptance of v9.5 has been fantastic. Most of the feedback has boiled down to this:  "we are delivering what our customers want", and by doing so, the product is getting powerful everyday.

FlowWright's goal is all about simplicity. Make our workflow product simple enough for anyone to use.  This allows our customers to implement our product and develop their processes, not in 8 weeks, not even in 4 weeks, but in just two (2) weeks or less! That's not a typo. Our average customer is up and running in less than 14 days. 

So what's new in v9.5? You can look at the complete version history page for detail information.  But, here are just some of the highlights in v9.5 release:

  • Higher performance workflow designer built from ground up using latest technologies
  • Decision tables
  • Package synchronization
  • New workflow steps
  • New form UI controls
  • Dynamic business objects
  • Event generation UI
  • Designer locking for forms and workflow definitions
  • Custom css on forms
  • Email & file triggers
  • REST API testing
  • Technology upgrades

v9.5 packs over 100+ new enhancements!  We know v9.5 features will add tremendous value to our existing and new customers.  Our development team enjoyed working on v9.5 and we hope you enjoy our latest product version.

Please email your comments, questions or issues to support@flowwright.com Start a 14-Day Trial Today

Topics: Workflow Automation Software, v9.5