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Workflow Snapshot Versioning That Works

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jul 30, 2014 9:48:50 AM



Workflow Snapshot Versioning Creating a Workflow Snapshot Version - Old School


Workflow snapshot versioning provides an essential feature for developers when implementing workflow definitions. Yet among the workflow products on the market today, there is no defined standard for implementation of workflow definition change control. Our Next Generation workflow engine for .Net developers captures change control versioning information for workflow definitions with a snapshot tool. Similar to taking a snapshot picture, snapshot versioning captures a record of the workflow definition at the current point in time.

However, these cDevWorkflow version snapshots are not static pictures. With the push of a button, our workflow snapshot versioning tool captures, labels, and stores all of the workflow definition detail and its metadata. Once created, these workflow definition snapshot-versioned files can be reviewed, restored, and even graphically compared to each other.

Creating a Workflow Snapshot Version

Workflow snapshot versioning activities are managed from within the cDevWorkflow designer following a simple two-step process.

  1. Select the Snapshot Management tool using the icon on designer toolbar as shown.

Workflow Snapshot Versioning Management


Snapshot Management task window will open as shown here.Workflow Snapshot Versioning Management

  1. Enter a unique version identifier into the form field and press “Create Snapshot”.

After providing a “unique name” for the snapshot and clicking on the “Create Snapshot” button your workflow snapshot version of the current design is complete.  The tool will automatically date and time stamp your snapshot version.

Using the same user interface, the developer has access to all workflow snapshot versions stored in the workflow definitions database for reviewing, restoring or removing activities.

Workflow Snapshot Version Management

Workflow snapshot versions can also be accessed using the Snapshots icon located on the Workflow Definitions toolbar as shown.   Having access to alternate workflow versions outside of the workflow design function improves implementation and debugging activities.Workflow Snapshot Versioning Management


Snapshot Management

Workflow Snapshot Versioning Management

Through the above Snapshot Management screen, the workflow definition developer can:

  • Render the graphical view of a snapshot
  • Get the XML definition of the snapshot
  • Restore a selected snapshot
  • Remove a snapshot
  • Remove all snapshots
  • Compare two snapshots graphically

Graphical Version Comparison

Graphical version comparison is a powerful feature within our workflow snapshot versioning tool. It is available to the developer using a three-step process:Workflow Snapshot Versioning Management

  1. Select a workflow snapshot version from the drop down list labeled “Select source snapshot”.
  2. Select a workflow snapshot version from the drop down list labeled “Select target snapshot”.
  3. Press the “Compare” button.

The differences between the workflow snapshot versions will be graphically rendered.

WF Compare Edited

Our workflow snapshot versioning tool captures, labels, stores all of your workflow definition detail, enabling easy file management, including version comparison, with the push of a button.

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