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v9.4.1 FlowWright Product Release Highlights

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jun 26, 2018 10:47:03 AM

We are excited to release v9.4.1 of our BPM/BPA workflow technology, Many new enhancements and fixes to v9.4 are included within this update.  First, thanks to our customers for pushing the product to the next level, allowing us to add features that will help our current and future customers with their business needs. 

Task step gets a few more inputs....

If you render the task step, you will find a couple of new input properties.  Now you can assign roles to a task and have the task route the users within the those roles.  Tasks also have a "from email address", if you want to send tasks to different projects, and have different project email addresses, its configurable at the task step level.

Rendering of a task has 2 standard "Approve" and "Reject" buttons. Now the labels for these are fully configurable at each task.  If you are routing a Purchase order for approval, now you can call the button "Approve PO" and "Reject PO".

Instance batch operations

Perform batch operations on Workflow Instances, instead of selecting one at a time, now you can select multiple instances based on status and perform batch operations on them.

Dashboard upgrades

Previous versions of FlowWright used a layout manager for dashboards, layout manager has been removed and now the dashboard designer supports layout free, drag and drop placement of dashboard widgets.

The Dashboard also gets a couple of new widgets:

  • SQL based number widget
  • SQL based table widget
  • SQL based pie chart widget
  • SQL based bar chart widget
  • SQL based line chart widget

Instance rendering updates

The Instance rendering UI now lets you easily re-send task notifications.

Rendered task list will now also display task comments.

Business Intelligence updates

Under BI (Business Intelligence) you will find 2 new reports; these reports are similar to the previous Definition/Instance projections, but there are now two new reports will also display task configuration information within the report data.

 Maintaining look-up data

Look-up data can be helpful in many places of FlowWright.  In data types, forms, drop down lists and many other places.  We have added a new UI to maintain lookup lists.

New Steps

We have integrated with many of the online storage platforms, so new steps are available to access these platforms:

  • Box steps
  • DropBox steps
  • OneDrive steps
  • Google drive steps

We have also upgraded the Sharepoint steps to function using oAuth connections.  Given the release of oAuth connection with v9.4, the new version will let you synchronize oAuth connections.

For a complete list of all of the new enhancements with v9.4.1, please look at the version history or the readme file. 

Curious to know how workflow can impact your business?  Set up a demo! 

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