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FlowWright v9.4 Workflow Designer Upgrades-Now Live!

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Apr 4, 2018 4:39:52 PM

FlowWright Workflow designer got a quite a few designer upgrades in v9.4.  Most of these upgrades were requests from our customers.  There are 2 parts to these upgrades, designer settings that can be manipulated within the Status menu.

These settings let you control what Step categories regular user can have access to, but also what order the Step categories should appear within the toolbox.

The next feature will save you many headaches and give you back time! The Workflow designer finally has "Auto Save",  You can turn off auto save and configure how often the designer should save the changes as outlined below. 

As connections between steps are very powerful, FlowWright now lets you configure a default color and a width.  These settings will be used by default for any new connection.

You can also control how "All Steps" are displayed, whether to show or hide, and if shown, then to display expanded or collapsed.

You can also control how Template steps are displayed or hidden within the toolbox.

Let's get to the REAL fun stuff now; let's look at the upgrades within the Workflow Designer.  The toolbox has many upgrades like the search box is now moved outside of the "All Steps" category.

When a search is performed, all Step categories will be searched for matching steps. (YAY!)

As connections within FlowWright are powerful, now the connections can have a different thickness based on your preference. 

Using these options, connection can look as follows:

The FlowWright UI team has also improved the loading performance of the designer.  Large workflow designs with many steps were taking time to load, time to load has been reduced and loading progress is also displayed.

We know you will love the updates just as much as we do! 

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