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FlowWright v9.4 UI Enhancements-Now Live!

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Apr 5, 2018 10:47:00 AM

v9.4 is now LIVE. If you don't have the power of workflow in place you can download a trial and play around.  If you are an existing customer, we invite you to download and upgrade your current version of FlowWright to v9.4  has it over 70+ enhancements.  This blog will discuss some of the UI improvements that were made during this release. 

If you look under the Status menu, you will find many UI control options now. 

Let's start with show/hide menu options for regular users.  These menus can be toggled to display or hide.

Next is to show/hide or order the tabs within Workflow Definitions and Instances.

Just use the On/Off buttons to show or hide them, just drag to reorder them.  These settings will be used within the Workflow Definition and Instance UIs.

As you can see, the toolbars got a face lift, but that's not all...

...the tabs and tables within FlowWright were also upgraded to have newer functional look.

FlowWright's UI team is always looking to improve the functionality, look and feel to make it easier to use the product.  As technology evolves, the FlowWright UI has also evolved to take use of new UI features.

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