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FlowWright v9.3.0.2 Maintenance Release

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Nov 2, 2017 3:14:37 PM

FlowWright is happy to release the maintenance release for v9.3. This maintenance release contains the following enhancements and fixes:

Security permissions for workflow definitions

Now regular users are able to give access to other users to access to their workflow definitions using the security permissions screen. Just select a workflow definition, select an user or users and give "view, design or remove" permissions.




Administrative users are also able to set permission for workflow definitions.

Control what menus are displayed to regular users

Under Status -> UI control, you can configure what menus are displayed when a regular user logs into the Configuration Manager UI.


Custom menu injection

Display a custom menu within the Configuration Manager's menu using a xml configuration file. Create a file called customMenu.xml and place it in the root directory of FlowWright. File should have the following xml format:


<menuGroup name="CustomMenu" view="admin" displayAfter="Status" icon="boschLogo.png" >

<menu name="Regions &amp; Plants" url="RegionsPlants.aspx" view="all" icon="boschLogo.png" />

<menu name="Groups" url="Groups.aspx" view="all" icon="boschLogo.png" />

<menu name="Modules" url="Modules.aspx" view="all" icon="boschLogo.png" />



Menu will look as follows:


View Engine Alerts

Engine alerts are now displayed at Workflow Instance and step level.




Set dashboard as system user or admin dashboard

Any selected dashboard can be set as the system default dashboard for any user or admin.


Create Workflow Definition from snapshot

Select any snapshot and create a Workflow Definition out of it.



  • clsUIModel API can now validate the design of a definition
  • workflow designer adds any new master variables that were created after the workflow definition was created
  • cut and delete fix for connections between workflow steps

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