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v9.3 Worflow Designer upgrades

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Oct 30, 2017 3:18:00 PM

v9.3 provides many upgrades to the workflow designer that our customers have been waiting for, here they are:

  • the most import copy and paste, yes now you can select a single step or a bunch of steps and connections and copy and paste.  Even copy and paste from one workflow definition to another (from one window to antoher). 
  • much better support for undo and redo actions, almost all designer actions are performed through the command stack now, and command stack lets users perform the undo/redo command based on the order of operations.
  • If you delete a step that is between 2 steps, the connection is maintained, shown below:
  • Supports the following keyboard short cuts:
    • Save – Ctrl + s
    • Cut – Ctrl + x
    • Copy – Ctrl + c
    • Paste – Ctrl + v
    • Search – Ctrl + f
    • Grid on/off – Ctrl + g
    • Export PNG – Ctrl + p
    • Redo – Ctrl + y
    • Undo – Ctrl + z

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Topics: .net graphical workflow designer, BPA/BPM