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Utility customer service management using FlowWright workflow

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jan 22, 2020 2:26:46 PM

flowwright workflow automation software

One of our customers is a large European natural gas distributor.  Providing natural gas to millions of customers requires efficient systems to manage distribution, maintenance, and customer relations.  Our customer determined that the best path forward to achieve efficiency is to build systems based on a business process management system that includes processes automated with integrated workflow software.

Our customer performs several critical services for their customers,  including scheduling meter readings and gas meter installation and maintenance.  Each service is based on complex, documented procedures that, when described in workflow software, need to be instantiated and processed.

In the case of scheduling meter readings, the problem being solved with FlowWright is coordinating resources and timing to ensure optimal use of resources while also building in reliability and quality to this key process.  Here, our customer uses FlowWright to schedule readings, notify employees about which meters to read and then send out notifications to customers.  Subsequently, internal systems are automatically updated to reflect status and progress.

Two other areas that are now automated are 1) installing new meters and 2) maintaining existing meters.  Requests are manually entered by customer service and then a parent process determines the type of request (“new meter” or “maintenance to existing meter”) and routes the request to the proper sub-workflow for processing.

In addition, by using FlowWright business intelligence (BI), our customer starts with a baseline process but now uses our BI tools to analyze its process and then continuously optimize it.  There’s almost always room to be more efficient and reliable!

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