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Usability Testing at cDevWorkflow

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Mar 11, 2014 6:03:38 AM

Workflow Usability Testing Workflow Usability Testing

Improving Workflow Design Efficiency With Usability Testing

Usability Testing was not the primary focus of the product development team.  When cDevWorkflow was originally developed, as most do, we guessed on how the User Interface (UI) should be.  After several years of customer engagements and product enhancements to the workflow software tool itself we thought it was time to review the UI again.

Our product design team thought that our main redesign focus should be to change the menu of the Configuration Manager, so that the designers most often used items came first.

Since we all have our own opinion on what feature and functions are important, we elected to increase the number of people surveyed.  Our first order of business then was to solicit feedback on the Configuration Manager's usability from the customer base.   These results were compiled from approximately 100 respondents.

Our survey asked the individual to rank the Configuration Manager's menu options in order from "used most" to "used least".  The results from the survey are displayed on the above below.

Workflow Usability Testing Menu Options Survey Workflow Usability Testing Menu Options Survey

According to the information displayed in the graph, designers use Instances and Definitions most often.   Armed with this collection of features and functions the effort to redesign the Configuration Manager menus based upon prioritization began.

Once completed, we repeated the survey process to the customer based.  This secondary survey presented the new Configuration Manager menu with the suggested order changes along side the existing or old menu and a third choice.  The third choice Configuration Manager menu was based on the second most popular survey choices.

This second survey then compared, the old menu, new menu and the "runner up" or other choice menu.  Here are the results from that survey:

Workflow Usability Testing Menu Survey Workflow Usability Testing Menu Survey

While not as many people responded to the second survey we are confident that this redesigned Configuration Manager menu arraignment is the path to follow.  We are always looking to improve the product, so keep those ideas coming.   For more on usability testing, click here

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