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Tracking Custom Inputs and Properties for Tasks within FlowWright Automation Software

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Nov 14, 2017 12:46:41 PM

FlowWright provides 2 main task steps "Task" and "Choice Task"


The difference between the 2 is outlined here: the 'task step' is mainly used for approval and rejection of a task, and the choice task step is used so that you can define the output selections made by the user who the task is routed to. For example, you can define the outputs of the step as "red, green, blue" and when the task is routed to the user, the user can select a color from the configured list. The selected color will be the return value of the step. 

In addition to the inputs the step provides, you might want to track custom inputs. For example, one our customer tracks, Region, plant, group and module for each task. This can be easily done by adding custom inputs to the existing task or choice task steps. Just navigate to the Steps menu and select the task steps.


Double click on the task step to view its meta data and configuration information.


As you can see from the above graphic, 4 custom inputs are added to the step (these are an example from our customer Bosch):

  • BOSCHRegion
  • BOSCHPlant
  • BOSCHGroup
  • BOSCHModule

Now these custom inputs are available when using the step in a workflow definition:


Every task step that is displayed on the designer canvas will have these custom inputs, and each task can be configured with values for these inputs. These custom inputs can be also written to the task table using "Task Mappings".

In order to use "Task Mappings" click on the "Steps" menu and select "Task Mappings", and the screen will look as follows:


Note: before task mappings can be created, make sure to add extra columns to the "deTask" table. Once the columns are added to the database table, custom step inputs can be mapped to the table columns. Now, these columns can be used for reporting, widgets, computations, or even report filtering.

Mappings are only supported by task and choice task steps. All FlowWright steps support the addition of custom inputs.

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