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Business Process Management is More than Workflow

Business process management is cyclical process involving planning, implementation, and evaluation.  Workflow plays a key role.  The diagram below illustrates this process.

How FlowWright Ensures You Succeed with Workflow

FlowWright has terrific customers and if you are not yet one of our customers, we hope soon you will be.  We are here to help and are dedicated to ensuring your success with FlowWright: when you are successful then we are successful!

FlowWright Singleton Workflows

What is singleton? Singleton is a common software pattern that is used to ensure only a single instance of an object exists no matter how many times it is instantiated.  FlowWright applies this concept to workflow processes to solve certain problems in regards to runtime data collection.  A FlowWright step collects a great deal of data each time it executes, and it stores this runtime data within an execution iteration.  If a step re-iterates many times, data created and stored can grow enormously resulting in unacceptable memory and processing use . 

Utility customer service management using FlowWright workflow

One of our customers is a large European natural gas distributor.  Providing natural gas to millions of customers requires efficient systems to manage distribution, maintenance, and customer relations.  Our customer determined that the best path forward to achieve efficiency is to build systems based on a business process management system that includes processes automated with integrated workflow software.

2 Reasons Microsoft Stack Users Choose FlowWright over Open-Source Java Workflow

Workflow users whose applications make use principally of the Microsoft technology stack often consider open source Java workflow products at the same time they consider .NET-based FlowWright. There are 2 main reasons that most Microsoft users end up choosing FlowWright over free open source Java products.

The Power of Triggers

Flowwright includes intuitive  tools to  help you manage triggers for workflow automation processes. 

Extending FlowWright - make it work the way you want

FlowWright is designed to be extended and expanded and many of our users push the product into new areas (which we love to see!)  To highlight all the ways FlowWright can be extended we summarize them below. 

FlowWright object model

Developers build most applications using a common design pattern.  That pattern can be object-based, object oriented, component-based, modular, etc...: some pattern exists.   FlowWright helps developers through use of a layered approach where modules are separated into components, and components break down into objects using a full object oriented design.

Workflow without limitations!

FlowWright was built with two mandates: 1) "keep it intuitive" and 2) "do it your way".  Most BPM/Workflow products require users to implement everything within their platform ecosystem.  Users often learn the hard way that this restrictive approach makes it difficult to accomplish your goals successfully or efficiently.  This blog explains why workflow without limitations is the best approach. 

Workflows that continue processing based on incoming messages; what you need to know

A workflow can publish events an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB.)  And a workflow instance may also wait for certain event or message to arrive: once the message arrives, the workflow process will proceed.