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Why Business Intelligence on Processes is Important in Hospitals

We all get sick at some point, and sometimes have to go to the hospital.  This is typically not a favorite place for anyone, but of course if illness persists-it is a must to ensure recovery.

How To: Automation at the Bottom of the Supply Chain

Supply chain management is often the key to running very large organizations, and acts as a health pulse for the company.   Where organizations heavily depends on their vendors/suppliers, supply chain maps the gaps between the organization and their vendors and suppliers.

The Art of Digital Transformation...

The world is transforming to the digital platform whether we like it or not, and it has been happening for the past 20+ years.  But the art of the transformation includes the following key points:

7 advantages of using workflow, #6 will shock you.....

As organizations look to find a solution to automate their manual processes, they look to implement Workflow/BPM. Here are the 7 biggest advantages companies can expect once they have completed implementing workflow strategy:

Comprehensive Enterprise Business Automation Solutions: CEO Spotlight

Harold Engstrom sat down with NoCodeDev as a continuation of their series of interviews with executives in the low and no code development world.  Harold comes from the workflow software and business process automation industry. The genesis of FlowWright follows a common story of the workflow software industry. After many years of experience serving clients by developing robust industrial manufacturing automation solutions as a systems integrator, Harold and the team decided to roll their own platform to quickly build comprehensive business automation solutions for their customers that work across the enterprise beyond the factory floor.

CMMI and Workflow: the Key to CMMI Level 5








Implementing Capabilities Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a requirement to do business with the US Department of Defense and by many other US agencies.  Businesses that implement CMMI can show others that they understand their own processes, that they use them, that they can measure parameters associated with those processes, and then use those metrics to continuously improve their business.  Different levels of CMMI are associated with being able to do each of the things listed in the previous sentence.  Workflow tools help shorten and simplify implementing CMMI and climbing the CMMI ladder of levels.

Knowledge Management Processes

Successful Knowledge Management Processes Fill The Year