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Decision based document generation using workflow

Getting non-disclosure agreements (NDA) generated and signed between businesses to enable information sharing can be inefficient and time-consuming. FlowWright workflow automation makes this manual process go quickly and smoothly. We share how below. 

Data accuracy using automated workflow processes

Many biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies collect data in batch records, but sometimes the data is collected manually, possibly from event digital instruments. Why is this important, and how can you ensure the data is accurate when you have manual processes in place?

How Process Automation Transforms Your Business to the Digital Era

As organizations start small and grow, they need systems to manage operations, sales, marketing, and product efforts.  Even the simplest shop today has systems and processes to manage, all in an effort to become efficient.  We have seen vendors transition from taking cash transactions to processing credit cards on their smartphones.  In today's world where most people pay digitally for everything (Apple Wallet, Samsung Pay, etc) imagine the amount of business you would lose if you weren't able to process payment electronically?! 

Today's processes are not for tomorrow

Our users are using FlowWright to process over 1 Million+ workflows daily around the globe, today's processes will not be efficient tomorrow and here's why. 

Processing EDI files using FlowWright automation

Even though EDI is a very old file format, specially in the medical payment transaction processing industry, it's a very commonly used format.  The healthcare industry has yet to move to newer technology as XML or JSON, therefore still uses EDI files.

Form Computations Using Workflow Processes Automation

FlowWright Forms are very common within the workflow processes.  Forms are meant to be routed to display information or capture information from a user.  But, did you know Forms also can have decision logic, validation or business logic built into the form itself? We explain why that is important below.

Making Changes to Executing Processes With Workflow

It's one of those features within the workflow technology world that separates the leaders from the followers.  Many products on the market offer workflow within their tool, but few offer the ability to make easy edits to a running workflow easily.  This feature is either not available or it's very cumbersome to make these types of edits.

At What Point Does A Manual Process Fail For A Business?

Manual processes exist in all organizations, and most manual processes ultimately fail, but the question is WHEN?  Below we summarize the main reasons why manual processes fail, and how you can make a plan ahead of time to compensate and keep the business moving...

Routing based on decisions

FlowWright workflows use the same paths as hardware or action based process, where the digital processes has a data flow path and a control flow path.  Data flow path carries all data within the process, or data required for the process to make decisions, and control flow path makes the decision.


How Workflow Automation Improves Department Interaction + Business Tasks

The best thing you can do for your business is to consistently improve. Improve your product, improve your sales and marketing strategy, and improve your process workflow. By improving your workflow companies free up time, money, and other resources that can now be used to focus on advancing alternate parts of your business. Faster, easier workflow means lower costs, quicker pace, and a less-stressed team. All of that adds up to higher efficiency on the back end of your business. Below you will find a summary of areas that are going to be improved with workflow.