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The Top 10 Mistakes Made by Workflow Beginners

Over the many years of experience our team has in building workflow processes, we have witnessed some of the best from our customer's use cases. When beginning to automate processes and set-up workflows, we help summarize the top 10 mistakes made by beginners of workflow so you can avoid them!

How we changed the world for the better in 2018 using FlowWright workflow automation.....

We get this question all time from our customers and prospects:  "How is FlowWright being used around the world?" Different customers, different industries use workflow in many ways. We summarize some practical use cases here:

Process Automation Will Keep Your Customers Happy

True Story: My wife gets a new vehicle. Two (2) weeks later, someone hits the new vehicle from behind. The car is a wreck. Accidents happen, that's life.  The dealership says the process is: bring the vehicle to the dealer's body shop for repair, wait, then it'll be ready.  When the vehicle was dropped at the body shop, they said, they will order the parts, fix the vehicle and it will be done and returned to us in one and  a half (1.5) weeks.

The Power of Workflow Tasks...

The largest automotive OEM parts supplier in the world has to perform an upgrade on their SAP system that runs the whole company.  This project entails every facility, department, and vendors that rely on product to be shipped to retailers around the globe. The stake are extremely high and there is huge risk involved. So, how does workflow play a part? At the onset the company has to do the following:

IoT driven using FlowWright

Recently Sawtooth Automation decided to upgrade their offering by integrating FlowWright into their solution.  Sawtooth automates the production of dairy farm feed for feeding cows.  Dairy farm feed consists of many types of liquids, hay and vitamin supplements.  Making feed is like baking a cake, you have a recipe and the recipe is executed using a combination of hardware and software.  Just as you would bake a cake, ingredient quantities change based on number of people you are making the cake for.

How to Video: FlowWright + Building your sales process using default CRM steps

Building out your sales process using our FlowWright's SaaS application is easy with our drag and drop designer.  

How to Video: FlowWright + CRM Sales Process Automation Building a Process with Default values

Using our FlowWright Sales Process Automation application sales teams are able to easily ensure that every rep is following a designated sales process.

How to Video: FlowWright + CRM Sales Process Automation Step by Step Tutorial.

Using our FlowWright Sales Process Automation application sales teams are able to easily ensure that every rep is following a designated sales process.

v9.4 Globals Have Arrived + Are Here to Stay!

Many customers have been asking for Globals, and we have delivered in our latest release.  Just like Variables, Globals can be used to store values.  FlowWright variables get tracked within every execution iteration of a step, this is good and bad.  Good, that you can track the value of a variable throughout every execution, bad, that it increases the size of the Workflow Instance, increased size can also reduce the performance due to requiring very large amount of memory. 

v9.4 Triggers - Launch Workflow Instances on Events: NOW Live! 

Instantiate Workflow Instances based on email or file trigger.  You can now start a Workflow when an email message arrives in an Inbox, or start a Workflow when a file is created in a folder.  These kinds of triggers are now possible, its just a matter of configuration.

See more information in the screenshots below!