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Why processes don't crunch data and why this matters

Processes orchestrate your companies needs often across multiple systems.  When processes try to crunch data, they typically fail. As an example to illustrate: when a user is building large workflows without using the sub-workflows to break functionality down, the user will be frustrated.  We explain how to gather the needed data without breaking the process. 

If you are still waiting for data, then FlowWright can help you...

One of our customers once came to us with a specific problem, "we are a data company but it takes a long time to get our data shared to our users".  So what's the issue here? Given data security needs today organizations should have several checks and balances to get data into their own employees hands today.  You never know who's going to get their hands on to your data, with the stories in the news highlighting hacking crisis' out there with companies such as Facebook, EquiFax, TJX Companies that have all had huge data breaches.  These data breaches not only are a cost to the organizations, but also get passed to consumers and ruin their brand trust experience as they possibly have their identity information stolen and misused.  

From No Communication to Complete Collaboration

In most organizations with manual processes, everyone does what they are suppose to do (maybe sometimes not) but what's missing is a centralized platform for communication and collaboration. Typically organizations live in their own systems "CRM" for sales, "ERP" for operations, etc.  The main reason this causes issues is that there is no accountability.  No one knows where a certain item is in the process, because there isn't a centralized macro view. 

How to grow your startup with workflow automation

You are small company and you are good at what you do with the processes you have in place.  It's normal for most start-ups to "boot strap" it until they can expand. As companies scale, they need more support and hiring the right people becomes an important task to preserve the culture of the company. So, how can you get through these early growth phases when you can't do everything 24 hours a day? We explain below....

3 Ways To Evaluate Workflow Automation In Your Business

Your companies demands are growing and you need your employees to be more strategic, rather than complete mundane tasks day in and day out. As you are vetting out vendor partners, finding a solution for workflow automation will have technology criteria to meet, but what value adds should you consider? Here are the top 3 considerations to know when exploring right fit solutions. 

Welcome to FlowWright v9.5

v9.5 has been in development for almost 6 months now and is finally ready to be released to our existing and new customers!  Some of our VIP customers already got a preview of v9.5 through the beta program(if you are interested in being part of our beta program contact us here).  Initial beta feedback and overall acceptance of v9.5 has been fantastic. Most of the feedback has boiled down to this:  "we are delivering what our customers want", and by doing so, the product is getting powerful everyday.

New year, New Advanced Workflow Designer

As we get closer to releasing v9.5 of FlowWright we highlight a next generation workflow designer that's going to make your life much easier when designing workflows. 

GDPR is now in effect, use workflow to ensure compliance going forward

Under European Union regulations that went into effect May 25, 2018, businesses need to implement a variety of controls and monitoring of data privacy, and they need to implement a way to do things like: 1) provide customers with an easy way to see what information they have about them, 2) provide a way to correct that information, and 3) provide a way to delete that data (sometimes known as the “right to be forgotten”). The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will make the EU’s already-strong personal privacy protections even stronger. It’s a detailed set of rules, and businesses failing to follow them can be subject to huge fines and penalties. 

What's coming in FlowWright v9.4!

Our engineering team has been busy building v9.4 of FlowWright. As we listen and follow customer focus development, we are building what our customers want. FlowWright's v9.4 focuses on 3 key areas:

Why Aren't My Sales People Following the Sales Process?

The problem: A company invested in extensive sales training, but the sales reps did not follow the new sales process! Because they weren't following the process, the company was not meeting its goals: deals were not being discovered and closed, and what what closing was too small to fuel growth.  What can an organization do to ensure sales people follow its sales process and achieve desired  revenue?