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Passing Complex Objects to a Workflow Instance

By now you understand that you can pass initial variable/global values to any workflow instance at the start of its execution.  These passed in values will be used to initialize the values of the variables and globals defined in your workflow design. 

FlowWright supports the standard data types for variables and globals, which are:

Instantiating  Forms From Within A Process

There are many use cases where a process needs to instantiate and route forms to users for data collection or approvals.   Once the data is collected, that data from forms can be used for computations.

Why Companies Should Invest 90% into Planning and 10% into Building

In most cases its other way around, 10% thinking and 90% building.  This happens in many organizations as well as within teams or individuals.  There is an old saying that suggests to "measure twice before making the cut". We share why this is important. 

Objects and relations made easy with workflow processes

As our company was growing 25+ years ago, we were simultaneously pioneering many of today's object-relation concepts in an effort to help companies understand how everything relates to one another from a process and data standpoint. The following patents help outline our focus on delivering a great solution in the workflow automation space for years to come. 

High performance computations in workflow

Whether its report generation, data collection for reports or hierarchical computations these are long running computations that take time and many computing resources to gather that data.  Some of these can be done on the database for performance, but some might have to happen at business logic level.

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Workflow Automation Software That Works

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