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FlowWright v9.6 - Task delegation To Improve Team Communication

Tasks are the most important step in any user-interactive workflow where tasks are routed to users for approval.  Tasks have existed in FlowWright from Day #1 and task functionality has been enhanced with each release. V9.6 includes more task functionality upgrades.

3 simple workflow task routing concepts

As our team works with business analysts around the world, we find out that some of them are new to workflow and concepts within workflow that are achievable.  If the latter is the case, we wanted to share some insight into introducing some of the basic concepts of workflow task routing. We hope you find these helpful! 

The Power of Workflow Tasks...

The largest automotive OEM parts supplier in the world has to perform an upgrade on their SAP system that runs the whole company.  This project entails every facility, department, and vendors that rely on product to be shipped to retailers around the globe. The stake are extremely high and there is huge risk involved. So, how does workflow play a part? At the onset the company has to do the following: