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7 advantages of using workflow, #6 will shock you.....

As organizations look to find a solution to automate their manual processes, they look to implement Workflow/BPM. Here are the 7 biggest advantages companies can expect once they have completed implementing workflow strategy:

How to Automate your Sales Process within your CRM to Increase Revenue

You have a sales process in place (see generic sales process example below) 

Getting Started with FlowWright Sales Process Automation: How To Get Set-up 

Registering your team is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow these steps to get your team set up with the FlowWright Sales Process Automation tool. 

Most Sales Productivity + Enablement Initiatives Fail - 1 Thing Makes the Difference

Sales productivity is a huge area of focus for businesses selling services and technologies.  The problem is the 8% of sales reps account for nearly all the revenue and companies want following good processes to make the other 92% of sales reps effective, too.  But 56% of sale enablement initiatives fail outright, with the rest falling short of goals.