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Define Your Sales Process with Workflow

The sales team landscape has changed over the last 30 years. We have moved to open concept office lay-outs, virtual staff, and into integrating technology into the sales process.  We have given reps and managers more & more tools all with the expectation that these investments will yield more business. One thing that isn't addressed readily by any solution is ensuring THE ACTUAL SALES PROCESS is followed reliably and efficiently. We share why defining your sales process, and making it repeatable and efficient for every sales team will yield higher revenue. 

Why Aren't My Sales People Following the Sales Process?

The problem: A company invested in extensive sales training, but the sales reps did not follow the new sales process! Because they weren't following the process, the company was not meeting its goals: deals were not being discovered and closed, and what what closing was too small to fuel growth.  What can an organization do to ensure sales people follow its sales process and achieve desired  revenue?