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Important Parallels Between Effective Game Tactics & Project Management

Sports are often touted as building character and developing the ability for individuals to work more effectively in teams.  Intuitively, this makes sense, but beyond competitiveness and socialization, it can be hard to identify precise parallels between sports and business.  But, after 30 years of coaching while working through FIFA national level classes, I think there are some important parallels between effective game tactics and strategy, and effective project management using FlowWright PM software.

From No Communication to Complete Collaboration

In most organizations with manual processes, everyone does what they are suppose to do (maybe sometimes not) but what's missing is a centralized platform for communication and collaboration. Typically organizations live in their own systems "CRM" for sales, "ERP" for operations, etc.  The main reason this causes issues is that there is no accountability.  No one knows where a certain item is in the process, because there isn't a centralized macro view. 

How we changed the world for the better in 2018 using FlowWright workflow automation.....

We get this question all time from our customers and prospects:  "How is FlowWright being used around the world?" Different customers, different industries use workflow in many ways. We summarize some practical use cases here:

Executing a Successful Cutover Migration Project

Recently one of our customer, Post Cereal, successfully executed their JD Edwards cut-over, migration using FlowWright.  Before Post, we had the largest manufacturer of OEM auto parts successfully execute cut-over projects using FlowWright.