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Business processes can talk now

FlowWright has tightened our integration with Twilio and our clients call it a match made in heaven.  FlowWright is good at automating workflow processes, Twilio is good at send SMS messages and making voice phone calls, and now you can have the 2 platforms work together seamlessly.

Why component architecture fails in Micro-services

As many Enterprise organizations implement Micro-services, they either have non-working or satisfactory implementations of Micro services. This is a trend we have seen the last 2 years within our customer base.  What companies are truly looking for is a workflow solution to re-architect their Micro-services architecture/solution. 

Document your processes, so you won't get lost later....

Documenting your business processes is just as important as actually applying automation to your processes.  There are several reasons why you should always document what your team is doing when creating and editing processes; we summarize some things to consider below.

Implementing transparent processes

Workflow processes within certain workflow products on the market are very transparent, this is due the tool separating the design of the process from the actual execution of the process.  Next generation workflow platforms such as FlowWright gives you the both in one so you don't have to sacrifice functionality.

Can Workflow Be Simple?

While workflow can be complex due to the manual process being complex, workflow itself is simple.  Most automated processes tend to route tasks to users making workflow a marriage between Information technology (IT) and business analysts (BA).   Business analysts knows what the manual processes is, but they need technology to help implement and execute.  That’s where a workflow automation solution, like FlowWright, comes into play.

Powerful .NET Workflow Component Choice



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