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Continuous Process Improvement in the Digital World

Today, as most manual processes get automated using a workflow or business process automation tool, the key to success is to have efficient processes.  As part of the Business Process Management (BPM) lifecycle, a continuous monitoring and process improvement is required.  This is the most effective way you will get the kinks out of your processes and optimize to better perform overall. 

IoT driven using FlowWright

Recently Sawtooth Automation decided to upgrade their offering by integrating FlowWright into their solution.  Sawtooth automates the production of dairy farm feed for feeding cows.  Dairy farm feed consists of many types of liquids, hay and vitamin supplements.  Making feed is like baking a cake, you have a recipe and the recipe is executed using a combination of hardware and software.  Just as you would bake a cake, ingredient quantities change based on number of people you are making the cake for.