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Data Acquisition Through Events using Enterprise Service Bus

Most systems integrate today through APIs or direct database connections. Enterprise services buses are becoming a more popular alternative to API when it comes to creating integrations.  Events can easily be processed through ESB when they arrive or when the event happens.  Today most UI based applications function based off trigger events; for example- when you click on a button, the code behind the click event of the button performs certain functionality and fires off a "next step" or "task".  Take that same concept and apply it to the back end and you are able to perform functions when events fire off. We explain more below.  

Enterprise Service Bus ESB Workflow Power



ESB Workflow Connects The Work With the Information

Enterprise Service Bus Workflow Engine

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Event frameworks have existed for many years to connect and communicate between systems.  Some send messages, some perform remote procedure calls and some do SOA to communicate.  When we designed the ESB we focused on two key attributes: