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Processing data using workflow steps....

Everything we deal with today contains data. Data is used for making decisions, comparisons, lookups and many more.  We push data into systems or pull data from systems.  FlowWright provides many database steps that perform different database operations.  Using the out of the box steps, the following operations can be performed:

The Art of Digital Transformation...

The world is transforming to the digital platform whether we like it or not, and it has been happening for the past 20+ years.  But the art of the transformation includes the following key points:

End of the Year Message from FlowWright's CTO

2018 was a fantastic year for FlowWright and our customers.  Our customers around the globe automated many processes using our workflow technology and became very efficient in what they do.  We saw some amazing uses for our product, and continue to push the boundaries of workflow automation to ensure whatever needs arise-our software can handle.  Outside of automation of processes, the product was used in large scale Cutover projects, supply chain automation, workflow controlling IoT, and many more unique uses in different domains throughout the world.

Continuous Process Improvement in the Digital World

Today, as most manual processes get automated using a workflow or business process automation tool, the key to success is to have efficient processes.  As part of the Business Process Management (BPM) lifecycle, a continuous monitoring and process improvement is required.  This is the most effective way you will get the kinks out of your processes and optimize to better perform overall.