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How to Automate your Sales Process within your CRM to Increase Revenue

You have a sales process in place (see generic sales process example below) 

Getting Started with FlowWright Sales Process Automation: How To Get Set-up 

Registering your team is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow these steps to get your team set up with the FlowWright Sales Process Automation tool. 

Most Sales Productivity + Enablement Initiatives Fail - 1 Thing Makes the Difference

Sales productivity is a huge area of focus for businesses selling services and technologies.  The problem is the 8% of sales reps account for nearly all the revenue and companies want following good processes to make the other 92% of sales reps effective, too.  But 56% of sale enablement initiatives fail outright, with the rest falling short of goals.

Why Aren't My Sales People Following the Sales Process?

The problem: A company invested in extensive sales training, but the sales reps did not follow the new sales process! Because they weren't following the process, the company was not meeting its goals: deals were not being discovered and closed, and what what closing was too small to fuel growth.  What can an organization do to ensure sales people follow its sales process and achieve desired  revenue?