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Why BPA/BPM Represents the Future of Business Innovation

There is real fear that as technology advances, workers won't be as important. Automation continues to improve safety and productivity in industries such as manufacturing, which has led to a profound shift in the American economy. However, because machines and software are capable of doing a lot of the heavy lifting, workers have actually become a more valuable commodity because they offer something that machines simply can't: creativity and the ability to innovate. Business process automation (BPA/BPM) is the future of innovation because it  provides the structure for applying innovation and continuous improvement ideas and moves them into practice. 

FlowWright v9.3 Update: Task Scheduling + More

While FlowWright v9.3 packs a lot of new functionality to the product, one of the main enhancements of FlowWright is to its tasks and business intelligence.  FlowWright's main task routing steps  are the task and choice steps.

Powering BPM Workflow Business Intelligence



BPM Workflow Business Intelligence

Putting Business Intelligence Process Data To Work

Putting Business Intelligence Process Data To Work