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v9.7 Self Updating and Optimizing Software Engines

At FlowWright’s heart is its workflow engine.  Over the years, we have added more dedicated engines that power important functionality.  Most recently, v9.7 includes a new service/engine to perform distributed file synchronization in distributed environments.  Now, FlowWright also ensures that engine configuration changes are picked up and acted upon without impacting execution and performance.  

Can Workflow Be Simple?

While workflow can be complex due to the manual process being complex, workflow itself is simple.  Most automated processes tend to route tasks to users making workflow a marriage between Information technology (IT) and business analysts (BA).   Business analysts knows what the manual processes is, but they need technology to help implement and execute.  That’s where a workflow automation solution, like FlowWright, comes into play.

Types of BPM and Workflow Engine Tools



High Performance Workflow Engine