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Tracking Custom Inputs and Properties for Tasks within FlowWright Automation Software

FlowWright provides 2 main task steps "Task" and "Choice Task"

v9.3.0.2  FlowWright UI | Control What Menus Users View

FlowWright Configuration Managers user interface changes based on the type of user (Admin or regular user). Admin have access to everything, regular users only have access to Workflow Management, not the full Configuration settings. With this feature now you can control the Workflow Management menus for regular users.

In FlowWright, navigate to the settings menu and select "UI Control".

v9.3 Worflow Designer upgrades

v9.3 provides many upgrades to the workflow designer that our customers have been waiting for, here they are:

Eliminate Manual Updating in a BPM workflow environment

Today most customers have multiple FlowWright environments, development, QA and production.  Developers may develop steps, business objects, forms , workflow definitions, etc now these need to be ported over to the QA environment for the QA people to test the built functionality.  In most products this must be done manually, even on some of the enterprise applications avaiable to the market. 

Why Aren't My Sales People Following the Sales Process?

The problem: A company invested in extensive sales training, but the sales reps did not follow the new sales process! Because they weren't following the process, the company was not meeting its goals: deals were not being discovered and closed, and what what closing was too small to fuel growth.  What can an organization do to ensure sales people follow its sales process and achieve desired  revenue?

Challenges With BPM Workflow Projects



Challenges Implementing BPM Workflow Projects