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Micro-Services through FlowWright

FlowWright workflow-business process management platform offers several micro-services options for users to take advantage of.  Micro-services follow a clear separation of functionality that engages within the FlowWright user interface as follows:

Workflow you can understand in less than 60 seconds!

Workflow can be complex, and with emerging technology-companies that historically have been paper based are currently in the Digital Transformation Era. Having a simple product folks can understand quickly is one of our favorite feedback comments we hear from clients. They say "we were able to understand workflow in less than 60 seconds, there's no other product on the market that can do that!". We explain how this is possible below...

Why Automation Is A Key Part Of Innovation...

It always amazes us to learn how and what our customers have automated using our workflow product.  Some processes can be pretty complex, some are simpler but long running, and some processes produce a lot workflow instances per hour/day. The use cases are vast and varied. 

How To: Automation at the Bottom of the Supply Chain

Supply chain management is often the key to running very large organizations, and acts as a health pulse for the company.   Where organizations heavily depends on their vendors/suppliers, supply chain maps the gaps between the organization and their vendors and suppliers.

The Top 10 Mistakes Made by Workflow Beginners

Over the many years of experience our team has in building workflow processes, we have witnessed some of the best from our customer's use cases. When beginning to automate processes and set-up workflows, we help summarize the top 10 mistakes made by beginners of workflow so you can avoid them!