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Sub-Workflow Process in cDevWorkflow

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Jun 21, 2011 1:45:30 PM


Sub-Workflow Process
Now beginning with the availability of cDevWorkflow's verision release 1.5, workflow designers have access to our sub-workflow process tool within the workflow design toolbox.   Adding sub-workflow process steps is as simple as dragging the sub-workflow process icon Sub-Workflow Processfrom the toolbox and dropping it into your workflow design.

Sub-Workflow Process Examples

Below are a collection of examples of Business Process Management (BPM) workflow definitions that were designed with this Sub-Workflow Process feature.  The purpose of this workflow design tool is to create a separate process logic step within the existing workflow definitions.  This is an example of designing one BPM Sub Workflow Process step to either execute a single child workflow process step or loop back to an error step:Sub-Workflow Process Instances

Sub-Workflow Process Instances

This is an example of designing two separate Sub Workflow Process steps to execute separate child workflow process steps based on a single logic input:


Sub-Workflow Process Instance Sub-Workflow Process Instance


Below is an example of the configuration tables for BPM SubWorkflow Process steps in cDevWorkflow.  This is an example of how the following inputs where configuring:


Sub-Workflow Process Properties Sub-Workflow Process Properties


As noted with these workflow examples above, the SubWorkflow Process is able to pass workflow process variables from the parent to the child and vise versa.  Also the workflow child or sub-processes can be executed synchronous or asynchronous.

Truly a very versatile workflow feature to have.

A small sampling of the Workflow Technology for BPM Solutions contained within our cDevWorkflow product offering can be found here: Workflow Technology That Works.

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