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Step Logging Extends Workflow Functionality

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Jun 20, 2014 5:05:02 PM

Workflow Step Logging Workflow Step Logging

Step Logging Adds Details to Workflow Audit Reports

The Step logging or Action logging features available in cDevWorkflow custom steps can extend the functionality of your workflow designs. You can write these custom steps using C# or VB.NET by implementing our simple deIStep interface.  We have kept the deIStep interface straightforward and uncomplicated, so that you only have to implement the "execute" function. Step Logging


Two types of Workflow Step Logging are available to track the execution of your custom code:

Step Logging Workflow Error

1.   Error Logging - when code fails, it’s helpful to capture these errors and log them.Step Logging

Step Logging Workflow Message

2.   Message Logging - log any message that you want.  This is great for displaying messages while processing and can also be useful when rendering the audit report.Step Logging

Relevant messages will help you in the long run!

You may also be interested in reading more on the subject of Configuring a Custom Workflow Step.

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