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Designing with Smart Workflow Connection Tools

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Mar 25, 2013 8:40:37 AM



smart workflow connection tools Smart Workflow Connection Tools


All of cDevWorkflow's design tools are smart workflow tools.  Or in our opinion, our connectors are not only smart but intelligent.  One of our consistent objectives for each cDevWorkflow software enhancement project is to increase the design efficiencies while maintaining or increasing the products ease of use.  Create a workflow design in either the same amount or less operational performance steps.

This is not a trade off of performance over functions.  This is our mission - to give you more functionality with less design or programming effort on your part.

After all, is that not what you look for in a software tool?

Our objective when designing these Smart Workflow Connection tools was to reduce the number of design operations (number of mouse clicks) that the software requires for the designer to successfully create a connection and then configure that connection.  This image illustrates the objective.  The designer drags and drops and cDevWorkflow does the rest.


smart workflow connection tools Smart Connection Workflow Design Tool


To illustrate this same point in a different manner, below are a series of screen captures that record the process of dragging a Smart Workflow object from the cDevWorkflow toolbox and dropping it into an existing workflow definition.   We are using this type of workflow step addition edit because they are the most common type of modification a designer will make on a project.

STEP #1 - Drag the Smart Workflow Step Into Place.


Smart Workflow Connection Tool Smart Workflow Connection Tool


STEP #2 - Drop the Smart Workflow Step Into Place

The simple act of dragging a step onto the design work surface will start the Smart Workflow tool to begin to search for possible connections.  This is indicated by the four (4) darker circles along the edge of the object, visible on the screen capture below.  Prior to dropping the smart workflow object the connection will become highlighted to indicate where you are working.  Once the Smart Workflow Step is lined up the way the designer intends, dropping it on to an existing workflow connection will complete the operation.


Smart Workflow Connection Tool Smart Workflow Connection Tool



 STEP #3 - Two Steps and Done With cDevWorkflow's Smart Workflow Design Tools


Smart Workflow Connection Tool Smart Workflow Connection Tool


While we were updating the Smart Workflow Connection Tools we also improved the connection properties. Now connection values and types are single click design functions as well.  Just another one of those amazing tools cDevWorkflow includes with the Smart Workflow Design tool set are the ability to use radio buttons to represent choices.  As you would expect, this option is only one (1) mouse click away.  Yes. 1 click and done.


Smart Object Smart Workflow Connection Tool Workflow Designer using Smart Object





















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