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Service oriented processes

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jul 19, 2019 5:39:00 PM

Service oriented architecture, also known as SOA, has been around for a while, but what about service oriented processes?  We currently have customers who are already implementing these types of processes using FlowWright's framework.

What are service oriented processes? They are processes where the process makes calls to other systems to perform work based on the process,  then waits until the work is done by other systems  in order to continue. It's a very simple, yet powerful concept.

Today, we see service oriented architecture that's implemented using web services, REST calls, SOAP, WSDL where functions on other systems can then be called through the web. A concern of course is security, so encryption also plays a role in these processes.  In an example of a service oriented processes- a step will make a web service or REST call to another system and will make the process go to sleep (consuming no resources); once the external system performs the operation, it will then make a call to FlowWright to re-start processing from the sleeping step.

Another great example of this would be within the pharmacy prescription process; a drug prescription arrive as a fax.  Fax files are stored within FlowWright as images, the process now has to communicate with many other systems to perform tasks against that single fax.  An Optical character recognition must be performed on the fax to recognize the information, typically OCR is a very heavy duty, heavy resource consuming task on users workflows.  With FlowWright, the workflow process delegates the OCR function to another system and the processes goes to sleep.  Next, the external system performs the OCR and re-notifies FlowWright to start processing from the sleeping step.

Processes that become Micro-services

Service oriented processes are best used to orchestrate processes across  multiple systems. FlowWright's custom step architecture lets users easily implement service oriented process steps. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help to implement your service oriented processes. 

Stay Tuned: the next version, v9.6, of FlowWright will also include powerful Micro-services functionality.  Coming Soon!

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