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SaaS Workflow Considerations

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on May 3, 2011 9:25:24 AM


SaaS WorkflowThe growing popularity for solutions developed in Software as a Service (SaaS) environments has reached the world of Business Process Management (BPM) software.

When deploying a BPM / SaaS workflow process using an SaaS environment, this is a short list of considerations.   These three items comprise the core BPM components that require tenant separation within an SaaS environment.

  1. Accessing tenant specific workflow definitions
  2. Accessing tenant specific workflow instances
  3. Accessing tenant specific workflow tasks

In addition to these core BPM concerns, we must also consider how the following requirements will be addressed.

  1. Tenant data storage - How application data is separated from the BPM data
  2. Information routing - Security access control for items routed

When building a BPM / SaaS workflow solution within an SaaS environment, it is very important to monitor BPM activity and analyze the data gathered.  It is possible for data to be lost or damaged if the SaaS environment is slowed down by BPM / SaaS workflow processes.

This is nothing new.  We are all familiar with server processing speeds being negatively impacted as application loads and server requests increase.  If your BPM application is struggling to function within the current server constraints moving the BPM processing to dedicated load balanced servers is one possible solution.

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