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Routing a Form Using The Workflow Process

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Mar 2, 2015 9:31:26 PM


Let’s add to the workflow process that we built in our last blog. Open the “TestFormDef” Workflow Definition using the designer.
Routing Instantiate Form

Let’s make the process route the newly created Form Document to a user for data entry. Drag and drop a “routeform” step into the designer and connect the “instantiateform” step to it. Now the process should look as follows:

Routing Form

Click on the “routeform” step to configure its step properties:

Route Form Step Properties

Enter a value for the Task Name property. As we did in the instantiateform step, enter “variable.formID1” for the Variable holds the form instance ID property. Click the Select users to route to “…” button and select a user.

Routing Select Users

Save the user selected. The save the Workflow definition using the “Save” button on the toolbar.
Now let’s re-execute the Workflow Instance created previously. Select the Workflow Instance and click the “Execute” button on the toolbar.

Routing Execute Workflow

The status of the Workflow Instance should change to “sleeping”. (Note: You may need to refresh your browser to see the updated status.)

Let’s render the Instance to view its execution:

Routing Sleeping Workflow

As the rendered Workflow shows, the instantiateform step has completed. The routeform step has routed the form instance as a task and is waiting for the task to be completed. Let’s open the task list and complete the form and task.

Routing Tasks

Rendered task with the form displays as follows:

Routing Rendered Task

Enter values in the First Name, Last Name and Comments fields. Click the “Complete Task” button to submit the form with its data. Once the task is completed, the Workflow Instance will have a status of “finish”.  (Note: You may need to refresh your browser to see the updated status.)

Routing Rendered

As we did above, you can select the instance and click the “Render” toolbar button to view its execution. From there you can click the Forms toolbar button to view the form with its data.

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