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Building Regulatory Workflow Solutions

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Jun 1, 2011 7:00:30 AM



regulatory workflow Regulatory Compliance Workflow


When building regulatory workflow solutions there are five important areas to focus on for these compliant industry needs:

  • Insure that data is never removed from the application
  • Must have an audit history of all actions, recording which user took what action within the system
  • All records must be under revision control
  • When items are deleted, only a status change is performed
  • Electronic signatures must be a component of the implementation (Usually there are two steps to an eSignature.  Step 1 is for the approval signature and Step two is for the eSignature session itself)

In most cases, it is best to follow a Compliant framework to design your regulatory workflow application on top of.   If you use a Compliant frame work, it will aid the integration as well as the implementation of your BPM process.

Designing regulatory workflow applications for compliant industries require both compliant and non-compliant workflow steps and actions.  Therefore, your regulatory workflow application functionality requires that you implement custom steps that can perform standard functionality for theses compliant operations.  Here are some suggestions of standard business process automation steps you should consider building into your application:

  • Move to Folder - move an item to a given folder
  • Create Relation - relate 2 objects using a modifier
  • Get Field Values - get field values of a form and assign to workflow variables
  • Set Field Values- set field values of a form (step will automatically handle revision's of the form)

Above are some of common steps required to implement a compliant regulatory workflow application.  The number of other Compliant steps that can be built are endless.

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