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Propagating Design Changes to Executing Workflow Instances

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Oct 19, 2015 7:51:41 PM


cDevWorkflow - Propagating Design Changes to Executing Workflow Instances

Imagine you have a Workflow Definition that will perform routing of tasks to users for approvals, but after instantiating several Workflow Instances, you extend the process to carry out an additional approval: what do you do about Workflow Instances that are currently executing using the old process design? Well…cDevWorkflow Version 8.6 allows administrators to choose to propagate Workflow Definition changes to waiting/sleeping Workflow Instances.

For example, take the following Workflow Definition:

propagate Workflow Definition changesAnd assume there are sleeping Workflow Instances, based on this Workflow Definition, waiting for a Manager’s approval:

propagate Workflow Definition changesWhile waiting, we add a new Final Approval step to the Workflow Definition:

propagate Workflow Definition changes When applicable, the Workflow Instances toolbar now provides a toolbar button called “Update Waiting Instances”.

propagate Workflow Definition changesSelect any waiting/sleeping Workflow Instance based on the original Workflow Definition and click the Update Waiting Instances toolbar button to update the Instance with the latest Workflow Definition. For the example above, the updated Workflow Instance will now look as follows:

propagate Workflow Definition changesWithin the lifecycle of BPM, processes are designed and deployed into production. As processes are analyzed and optimized, their workflow definitions can be updated accordingly. cDevWorkflow v8.6 now allows for the propagation of design changes to waiting/sleeping Workflow Instances if desired.

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