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BPM Process Innovation

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Nov 19, 2013 9:41:15 AM

Workflow Process Innovation Workflow Process Innovation

Developers are great with code, they make process innovation happen.

Solve complex problems using code, or innovate solutions using code.  Architecture is a key, when solving a business problem using code.

Process automation is a different ball game, it’s a marriage between the business analysts and developers.  Business analyst are well verse with the domain knowledge but cannot automate the process, developers can program but not familiar with the domain expertise.

Workflow Process Innovation Code Example Workflow Process Innovation Code Example

BPM Process innovation is more like discovering a taxonomy or modeling.  The transformation of business requirements into a process can be difficult sometimes.  Just like there are many solutions to a problem.  A set of business requirements can be automated using many different solutions, this also depends on the technology product used.  Some BPM products are powerful in managing the data flow, some are powerful in managing the control flow, and next generation products such as cDevWorkflow are able to manage data and control flow efficiently.

BPM Process innovative is also limited by steps/actions offered by the bpm product.  Some of the older bpm products on the market has this limitation.  Where you can only build with only the steps that the product provides.  Some of the newer bpm products eliminates this barrier and let’s you build and configure your own custom steps to be used within workflow.  This configuration is a major limitation in most bpm products on the market.  This limitation also forces users to adapt to the process rather than process adapting to users.

BPM Process innovation and automation solves real business problems.  In most cases, speeds up the manual process by automating.  For example, a medical device company used to process 30-40 Changes Notices a month manually, after automating the process using cDevWorkflow, they are able to process 400-600 Change Notices a month.

Based on how our clients use our product, best BPM process innovation comes from processes that are automated with least # of steps and most # of reusable steps.

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