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Process Automation Will Keep Your Customers Happy

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Dec 11, 2018 12:05:04 PM

True Story: My wife gets a new vehicle. Two (2) weeks later, someone hits the new vehicle from behind. The car is a wreck. Accidents happen, that's life.  The dealership says the process is: bring the vehicle to the dealer's body shop for repair, wait, then it'll be ready.  When the vehicle was dropped at the body shop, they said, they will order the parts, fix the vehicle and it will be done and returned to us in one and  a half (1.5) weeks.


Now, what really happened:  after dropping the vehicle with the body shop, I continued to call them every week for a status update. This was met with many excuses. Some of them are:

  • Ordered 2 doors, but they coming from California and since there are wildfires, its taking time (valid reason)
  • Only 1 door came-we are waiting for the other
  • Other door came, but it was damaged so we had to send it back
  • Need to get another door re-ordered and shipped, the clock resets to 1.5 weeks

After 3 weeks of waiting for parts, finally they all arrived and they began working on the vehicle.  Why was I mad with this body shop?   "There was no communication".

If the process was automated, we'd have automatically gotten notifications through email or SMS updating me (the customer) about the status of the vehicle repair. The Body shop wouldn't have to field angry calls from customers wondering what their status is, and this would in theory give the body shop more happy customers.  Communication is the key to having, and keeping, happy customers, Consumers are advanced today, and we live in an instant notification era. We as a society like to know what's going on at all times, and the power of workflow could've turned this unpleasant experience, into a positive one. 

Would your company benefit from a simple automated process that notifies the customer can keep them happy and engaged? If so,  set up a time to talk!

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