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Open source workflow vs. FlowWright?

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Dec 23, 2019 7:15:00 AM

Related imageThere are many open source workflow products available.  However, for most companies, security is a serious concern.  Open source solution code is available to anyone to view, making it relatively easy to hack the software.  While some organizations still build solutions using open source platforms, the risk is often deemed too high for most organizations that prioritize security.

To achieve high security you will need a secure platform that is designed for security and maintained and supported.  Open source has many limitations and concerns, here are the most important to be aware of:

  • Code contribution sources are unknown
  • Critical code vulnerabilities
  • No ownership
  • No commitment to maintenance, patches, or upgrades
  • Unclear who will make fixes, or how or when they will be made

A company's lifeblood is data and using open source code in critical platforms can lead to significant (and avoidable) future problems. 

FlowWright's .Net is written with security at the forefront of considerations.  In addition, FlowWright's code is locked down and strong  measures are continuously taken to protect FlowWright code and customer implementations so as to thwart penetration by third parties.

FlowWright's security practices and concepts safeguard intellectual property.  The code related to our key components is  obfuscated using specialized software tools.  Reverse engineering of our software is not possible because it is designed with security in mind: for example our data access layer is built so that SQL injection attacks cannot be performed.  With infrastructure security configurations such as SSL certificates and other measures, FlowWright can be locked down with a very high degree of confidence.

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It's time time move off of open source and move into a secure workflow platform like FlowWright! Interested in seeing the tool? Schedule a demo. 

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