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Objects and relations made easy with workflow processes

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jun 12, 2019 10:39:36 AM

As our company was growing 25+ years ago, we were simultaneously pioneering many of today's object-relation concepts in an effort to help companies understand how everything relates to one another from a process and data standpoint. The following patents help outline our focus on delivering a great solution in the workflow automation space for years to come. 

Once we began development of the FlowWright workflow product, many of the above concepts came very useful.  Everything in this world is identified by an object and we are always living within these relationships between objects.  As an example, if you take any workflow definition, the steps are related to each other using connections.  A workflow definition has many related objects external to it as well, such as- sub-workflow, history, events and etc.   The below diagram displays the related objects and how they fit into a workflow definition:

Many features within FlowWright use these object-relation concepts to process workflows but they also make heiratical computations easier for folks to understand.  For example, v9.5 introduced a new feature called "Package synchronization" where by selecting a single workflow definition, you are able to synchronize the workflow definition AND its related objects.  This is a very powerful feature for our customers, but built based on some of our pioneered technology from early days.

As you can see from the patent links above, these technologies were pioneered in the early 2000s, way ahead of their time.   Businesses now can use the information 19 years later within our FlowWright workflow product.  Our customers are very excited for this new feature within FlowWright as well as many more new features to come using this technology. 

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