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Enterprise Class Workflow: How to Manage Huge Volumes of Data

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Feb 26, 2020 11:30:00 AM

FlowWright workflow with high volume of processingBusinesses and institutions process huge volumes of workflow processes that make decisions, call functions and data.  These volumes are growing exponentially.  This trend started with the advent of database systems expanding the ability to store and process large volumes of data.  Now, enterprise class workflow and business process automation make it more feasible to organize and manage within and between systems and people, also what's known as digital transformation. 

Some FlowWright customers use back-office process automation that start up to 100,000 workflows per day.  These workflows can be simple or complex depending, of course, on the business process it is organizing and automating. Certain industries typically have high volume processes - here are some examples from our customers:

  • Processing prescriptions: We all get sick, go to to the doctor, and then by the time we drive to the pharmacy from the Dr.’s office, the prescription is often ready.  You are no longer waiting for hours/days to get your prescription filled, it's done in minutes or seconds thanks to workflow automation.  A typical warehouse pharmacy where FlowWright is deployed will process up to 20k prescriptions per day.  In total, across site, over one million prescriptions are filled using our enterprise workflow software.
  • Automotive Industry: automobile OEM parts manufacturers typically have manufacturing locations in many countries and they employ complex processes that route tasks to far-flung users.  Our enterprise workflow is used to shut down systems and plants, and to verify data from Manufacturing Execution Systems.  In this case, tasks are routed around the world at  high speed and synchronized with actions occurring at disparate locations. Our systems run in a VMWare environment with 50 automated robotic processes running in memory.  These workflows route tasks, process completed tasks, and coordinate a huge number of activities.  A workflow is started every 1.5 seconds for this manufacturer, somewhere in the world.
  • Law Firms: European firms use our product to automate high volume, ruled-based IT processes. Back-end rules-driven IT processes can produce especially large volumes of data, rules, and interactions information. 

Regardless of the volume and required processing speed, FlowWright's high performance enterprise business process automation solution can process your data with high performance and fidelity.  FlowWright is designed for multi-tenancy, distributed processing, and performance. Call us to talk about the business process challenges your enterprise wants to address.  

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