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New year, New Advanced Workflow Designer

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jan 4, 2019 6:54:00 AM

As we get closer to releasing v9.5 of FlowWright we highlight a next generation workflow designer that's going to make your life much easier when designing workflows. 

Our team ended implementing a new graphics library for the workflow designer, mainly to build next generation functionality for designing workflows. So, what are they:

  • Automatic design locking when a definition is open within the workflow designer so that other users cannot make changes at the same time
  • Auto save - auto detects and auto saves your changes at a given interval
  • Auto save also takes an auto snapshot, just in case
  • Better support for copy/paste operations
  • Better support for templating multiple steps and connections
  • Auto layout of the workflow design

Above are some of the changes coming to the new designer, but the last 2 are the key ones:

  • Design validation - workflow designer now performs many validations and identifies what they are, here are the types of validations performed:
    • undefined variables
    • undefined globals
    • undefined business objects
    • required step inputs
    • duplicate outgoing connections
    • custom validation from steps
  • Performance - performance, performance, performance.  Our customers are building very large workflows, some with many sub-workflows.  Designer performance is improved significantly.

We made a complete architectural change to the designer, but also making it backwards compatible with previous versions of the workflows, so no worries there.  We have had many enhancement requests from our customers and it was difficult to implement without an architectural change. 

Hope you enjoy the new powerful workflow designer in v9.5 of FlowWright.

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